Cultural Arts/ Leisure Classes

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Students will learn the basics of paper crafting, card making ideas and techniques. You'll leave with a gift for Thanksgiving. All materials included.


Plot Twist Dinosaur World

Dare to experience the dangers and delights of Dinosaur World in this interactive new show! Grab your compass and join our intrepid explorer across uncharted territories to discover a prehistoric world of astonishing (and remarkably lifelike) dinosaurs. Meet every child’s favorite flesh-eating giant – the Tyrannosaurus Rex – a Triceratops, Giraffatitan, and Segnosaurus!


Halloween Craft Workshop

Calling all Little Monsters! Sign up for a spooky fun create your own creepy crafts to take home.


Mobile Film Making Class

The Mobile Film Making Workshop is a four-day workshop that focuses on documenting El Monte through the eyes of its young residents. This workshop will serve as a way of preserving city history. The goal of this workshop is to teach students the basics of narrative film making while empowering them to tell their stories through media. While creative industries are becoming more reflective of the world we live in, there is room to grow, through this introduction to storytelling.

Mobile Film Making Workshop (010420-012520)_072919_B

Origami Workshop

Students will learn to make origami flowers. All materials included.

Flyer 1asdxas

Painting for Older Adults

The Painting for Older Adults class offers an individual approach to painting and creative arts. Participants will learn about lines, colors, shapes and forms as well as new techniques in drawing progression.

Painting for Older Adults_flyer_08119_F

Sugar Skull Workshop

You're invited to our Dia de Los Muertos cultural event and celebration! Bring your family and friends as we celebrate by decorating own sugar skull. Light refreshments will be provided.

Sugar Skull Workshop_72419_D

Young Rembrandts

This class combines our essential basics of drawing and our humorous cartoon curriculum. Students will improve drawing skills, understanding of concepts, and increase art vocabulary as well as create silly characters and story sequences that tell jokes!


Hip Hop Dance Classes

This beginning hip hop class is designed to encourage and motivate the new dancer to have fun, build body strength, and have better balance and coordination.


Prince and Princess Ballet

Attention boys and girls! Learn to build fundamental ballet techniques such as body awareness, flexibility and strength. Participants will develop an awareness of his style of dance and its music.

2019_Prince_Princess_Ballet_Flyer_March A-1

Salsa Beginner/ Intermediate

Come and learn this elegant and sensual Latin dance - LA style! You will learn basic moves such as turns, cross body leads, open breaks, etc. You will learn musicality, timing and how to lead and follow. Louie Angon is a professional fitness instructor, choreographer and performer with over 20 years' experience. His unique teaching system makes it easy to learn to dance with grace and style.



Start exploring what we can do for your child to get a head start in school by registering for one of our winter classes.  We offer an array of classes for students.


I Can Speak Chinese 

In this class students will learn to use greeting words and phrases introducing themselves in various settings at school, home, and the workplace. The goal of this class is to have students engage in verbal conversations by combining newly learned vocabularies and sentence structures.

I can speak chinese workshop flyer fall winter 2019 2020 - 091719_edit 07 sample

Rumble Tumble Tummy Time

The goal of the Rumble Tumble Tummy Time class is to bring parents and babies together with other families to learn ways to make tummy time fun for babies and easier for parents. Using engaging song and activities, parents will not only enjoy the classes, but will also get lots of ideas for extending the experience at home. Parent Participation Required. Please bring a boppy/tummy time pillow or towel. 

Rumble Tumble Tummy Time flyer 2019 - 081319_edit 05 print

Tiny Tots

This enrichment program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten by focusing on introducing shapes, colors, numbers, and the alphabet. It's a great opportunity for "little ones" to learn to socialize and share with others in a group.

2018 Tiny Tots Flyer

Sign, Say & Play

Join the Sign, Say & Play class where infants can learn to use simple hand gestures or sign language to communicate their needs. Help bridge the gap of communication for you and your young ones. Using sign allows your child to be expressive even before being able to speak.


Do Fitness

Join Day One every Tuesday for a free DVD led exercise class ranging from Tai Chi to Circuit Training.

DO Fitness Flyer

Group Fitness & Exercise

This program offers training in a variety of formats, including Aqua Zumba, Pilates and Yoga. This cardiovascular workout is driven by upbeat music with foot stomping movements targeting heart, lungs and lower body toning.


Hatha Yoga

Yoga practice enhances health and well-being. Movements include relaxation while stretching, strengthening by holding weight-bearing poses, breathing awareness and working together in rhythm. It promotes skill building, fitness, strength and relaxation.

Principles for Mind Body Health for older Adults 2020 - 091019_edit 10 sample

Open Track

Lace up your shoes and get moving! Arroyo High School is opening up their track field for public use on select days.


Physical Fitness for Older Adults

Designed for older adults, this physical fitness class provides training on maintaining range of motion and coordination, building muscle and increasing flexibility. Class topics include nutrition, effects of aging, safety factors and memory skills.

Principles of Mind Body for Older Adults Winter 2020 - 091019_edit 08

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a great form of low impact exercise that helps improve strength, flexibility and balance. It focuses on slow movement, reduces stress and produces a calm mind while incorporating various breathing techniques.