The Public Works Department is responsible for the issuance of various permits.

No work shall be done on public property without first obtaining a permit. Fees vary depending on the type of encroachment and the amount of staff hours needed to review and inspect it. 

Important Notice

Effective March 17, 2020, the City of El Monte close all public access to the City Hall until further notice. During the closure, the permit application is accepted via email only, and the only accepted method of payment is check (payable to City of El Monte). The payment may be either dropped off in the mailbox located outside of Cashier’s office at City Hall East or sent via Fedex to:

City of El Monte - City Hall West

Department of Public Works - Engineering Division

11333 Valley Boulevard, El Monte, CA 91731

All contractors must have the following information to obtain a permit:

  • Proof of valid Certificate of Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance (the City of El Monte must be named as an additional insured)
  • Proof of valid City of El Monte Business License
  • Proof of valid Contractor License

Encroachment/Grading Permit Application

Encroachment/Grading Permit Extension Application