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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to citizens living within a Redevelopment Project Area?

Through redevelopment, a project area can receive focused attention and financial investment to help revitalize existing businesses and attract new development, create jobs, rehabilitate and add to the existing housing stock, as well as gain active participation from residents.

What is a Redevelopment Plan?

A redevelopment plan represents a framework within which specific projects will be undertaken. The plan provides the redevelopment agency with powers to buy and sell land within area covered in the plan, improve dilapidated facilities, and to use tax increment financing.

What is a Project Area?

A project area is the area in which the actual redevelopment will take place. The project area must first go through a lengthy planning process during which residents and business owners who may be included in the project area have a chance to express their views. After a public hearing, the redevelopment agency adopts the project area and becomes responsible for planning future improvements.

How do Redevelopment Agencies secure funds?

State law provides redevelopment agencies with the power to raise funds for redevelopment through a method called “tax increment financing.” On the date the redevelopment plan is approved the property within the boundaries of the project area is assessed a total property value. If the value of the property increases in subsequent years a portion of the new taxes derived from this increased value goes to the Redevelopment Agency. The Redevelopment Agency may also issue bonds that are later repaid with the revenue generated from tax increment monies.

Will property taxes be raised?

No. Any sale, development or rehabilitation of property generally causes a rise in property value but not an increase in tax rate.

If I am in a redevelopment project area does that mean that I will have to leave my home?

Living in a redevelopment project area does not mean you will have to move. Redevelopment is a planning process that is designed to fulfill the needs and desires of the majority of residents and business owners for the improvement of the community. Only properties that are essential for the revitalization of a blighted area will be purchased by the Redevelopment Agency.

What happens if my property is acquired by the Redevelopment Agency?

When it is necessary to acquire a property within a project area the Redevelopment Agency will pay fair market value (i.e. the value the property would have if it was placed on the market and sold). The occupants may be eligible for relocation benefits that include:

- Assistance in finding a new location
- Payments to help cover moving costs
- Rental assistance payments to eligible renters


What are the community wide benefits of redevelopment?

More job opportunities (retail, services, office, and/or manufacturing jobs).
New cultural, shopping and recreational opportunities in the community.
More dollars flowing into the city as a result of redevelopment activities (sales tax and hotel tax revenues) in order to provide greater local services, including public safety and street improvements.


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