Applications & Reviews

General Planning Entitlement Steps

The Planning Division is responsible for processing all land-use entitlement applications that require approval from the City Council, Planning Commission, Zoning Review Committee, Department Director and/or Art in Public Place Advisory Committee. Typical land use entitlement applications include Zone Changes, Subdivision Maps, Conditional Use Permits and Design Reviews.

Review Process

The City has a streamlined review process. Minor Design Reviews and smaller applications may go to the Department Director. Minor adjustments to standards and some uses may go to the Zoning Review Committee. However, most application require a public hearing before the Planning Commission for review. Projects that include a General Plan Amendment, Zone Change or Development Agreement also go the City Council for final review.

Applications & instructions

The City’s application forms and other documents can be downloaded from the links below. All required materials must be submitted at the same time with the required fee payment. Applications that are not complete will not be accepted for processing.

Development Applications:

A – Application Checklist1 – Entitlement Application Form2 – Site & Floor Plans3 – Elevations4 – Landscape Plans5 – Entitlement Checklists

6 – Environmental Form7 – Tree Information8 – Economic Summary9 – Historic Evaluation10 – Public Noticing11 – Application Fees

Other Applications:

A - Application Form

B - Zoning Clearance

C - Administrative Permit (coming soon)

D - Art in Public Places

E - Sign Review Application

F - Master Sign Program (coming soon)

G - Tree Removal Permit Application (coming soon)

H - Change to an Approved Project (coming soon)

I - Temporary Use Permit (TUP) (coming soon)

J - Director Determination (coming soon)

K - Senate Bill No. 330 Packet

Water Efficient Landscape & Irrigation Application


Appeal Form

Development Standards & Handouts

The Planning Division provides information and support regarding land use, zoning and other development issues. The following documents contain summaries for new and existing commercial, industrial and residential development. The full list of regulations can be found in the El Monte Municipal Code or via the following link:

City of El Monte Zoning Code (Adopted June 2022)

Single-Family Zoning Districts (coming soon)

Multiple-Family Zoning Districts (coming soon)

Commercial Zoning Districts (coming soon)

Manufacturing Zoning Districts (coming soon)

Parking Standards (coming soon)

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

CEQA Handout and Flow Chart

Architectural Style Handouts:




Spanish Colonial Revival