About El Monte

Located approximately 12 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, El Monte is the hub of the San Gabriel Valley, where two major freeways - Interstates 605 and 10 - intersect and is the ninth largest city (out of 88) in Los Angeles County with a population of approximately 120,000. The land uses within its 10 square mile area are 58% residential, 11% retail, 10% industrial, 7% office/retail, and 14% other of amenities. El Monte also has an ethnically diverse and dynamic population with 72% Hispanic, 18% Asian, and 7% White.

As the San Gabriel Valley continues to grow so does the City of El Monte through new businesses and quality housing. Many public improvements are underway to provide an attractive and safe environment for its economic growth. El Monte has maintained a reputation for a "business friendly attitude" by attracting commercial and retail businesses as well as international corporations through its Foreign Trade Zone. Other business tools include business financing through Grow El Monte, a pro-active Chamber of Commerce, and a Recycling Market Development Zone. Several trade and professional colleges are also located in the city, providing workforce education to support local businesses.

El Monte is also home to Longo Toyota, the number one auto dealer in the United States by sales and volume. Other major retail businesses include Home Depot, Sam's Club, and Sears Essentials. Major industries include the Von's Distribution Warehouse, Wells Fargo Operations Center, and regional offices for East West and Cathay Banks.

With the growing population in El Monte, community and educational facilities continue to improve. New parks are being built to serve the growing population with many active sports programs. A brand new Aquatic Center with three pools is located along the Tyler Avenue Heritage District, which includes the City's Community and Senior Centers, museums, and a public library.

El Monte also encourages quality housing developments through well thought-out architectural designs, use of high quality materials, and enhanced landscaping. Promoting affordable homeownership in the city is vital in maintaining our quality of life. The City and the Redevelopment Agency offer Homebuyer Assistance Programs for eligible households.

In addition, the appearance of our neighborhoods has greatly improved, partly due to various programs offered by the City, and partly due to the growing pride and awareness of our residents that El Monte is a great place to live, work, and play.